Reading Challenge: Around the World in 250 Books

A few months ago Randy Olson, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, came up with the optimal road trip across the U.S. The trip would include a stop in each of the 48 states of the contiguous U.S. and Washington D.C. You can find his article explaining it here. I’ve always wanted to take a road trip like that and it got me thinking about what it would be like to start at one point of the world and travel through every country until you reached the other end. And so, this reading challenge was born!

I’m going to read a book by an author from each country, including some island territories and separating the U.S. into states. I’m not setting myself any limitations in terms of genre or year of publication in order to give myself space to choose the books that grab my attention. They’re organized by location, following the route you’d take for a road trip.

As I work my way through the map, I’ll be coloring in each country on the map below.

*I’ve added a map of the continental US in order to keep track of each state as I read my way through it.


Here is the list of the countries and territories in the order I’ll be reading them

Around the World in 250 Books2

If you decide to take up the challenge or have any book or movie suggestions for each country let me know in the comments! Have a good one, readers!

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