Destination: Alaska

I declare this challenge OPEN! Or something to that effect.

Alaska copy

If I’m very honest, I don’t know much about Alaska, so I decided to put together a list of facts to get myself, and you, in an Alaska kind of mood. Bow chika wah wah….. no? Moving on! Without any more delay, I give you:

ALASKA ’bout it: 10 absolutely arbitrary things you should know about Alaska

1. The state motto is “North to the Future”.

2. There are over 70 potentially active volcanoes in Alaska. (Umm, what?)

3. You can type Alaska using only one row of your keyboard. Go ahead, practice. We’ll wait.

4. In the 70’s a man named Oliver “Porky” Bickar decided it would be funny if people thought Mt. Edgecombe, a dormant volcano, was erupting. He created a sparkler that he flew into the crater via helicopter. When the local Coast Guard went to investigate they found a huge message that read “April’s Fools”.

5. There are no snakes in Alaska because of the low temperatures. What they do have are giant vegetables because of the long hours of sunlight during the summer. So, you know, pros and pros? Unless you love snakes and hate vegetables, in which case you’re screwed.

6. The majority of the Alaskan population lives in Anchorage.

7. Russia and Alaska are so close you can probably walk from one to the other when the Bering Strait freezes. I think that’s how the Vikings made it to the New World, but I could be completely mistaken.

8. Almost half the world’s glaciers are found in Alaska.

9. Kodiak bears live exclusively on the islands in the Kodiak Archipelago.They’re the world’s largest bears, they can stand over 10ft. tall.

10. Fairbanks, Alaska is probably one of the best places to see the Northern Lights from, given that on average they’re visible in the area 243 days out of the year.

Well, there you have it! 10 completely arbitrary and possibly incorrect (come on, it’s the internet!) things I thought you should know about Alaska. I learned a few things, hopefully you did too. Now, after a bit of back and forth between titles, I finally settled on one. The first book I’ll be reading, my pick for Alaska, is The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey! Stay tuned for a brief synopsis of the book and my first impression of it.

That’s all for today readers! Have a good one!

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