These are my confessions….

I haven’t had time to read with the new job, classes, and a drink here and there to release stress and celebrate that I’m a productive member of society. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get into a nice rhythm after the weekend!

I was able, however, to read a bit about the myth or legend that inspired the novel.
It’s interesting because there are different tales of snow children around the world. For example, there is one in Germany where a woman who doesn’t want to admit she’s been cheating tells her husband that the child she’s carrying is the product of swallowing a snowflake. Her husband doesn’t believe her and, when the child is old enough, he sells it into slavery telling her the child melted in the summer heat.

There is also a snow maiden in Russia known as Snegurochka, “sneg” being the word for snow. The stories vary, as is often the case with legends, but some say she grew to like a man, but was unable to love because of the cold in her heart. Mother Spring, taking pity on her, gave her the ability to love, but as soon as her heart warmed with it she melted away.

Eowyn Ivey’s The Snow Child references the legend of the snow child. The little girl’s wild air makes me wonder if she, like the snow, is impossible to catch and hold on to for any period of time. The combination of this wild land that is Alaska, the child that comes in and disappears, and the feeling that there is an entire wilderness watching mix together to create an eery feeling. It’s unsettling, but also highly pleasurable.

I’m going to sneak in a few pages before bed. Good night, readers.

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