Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May?

“Oh, I’ve thought of one,” she said. “Let me think…” and she began to hum tentatively. Jack didn’t know it at first, but then it came to him and he began to sing along.”

“When my hair has all turned gray,” a swoop and a twirl beside the kitchen table, “will you kiss me then and say, that you love me in December as you do in May?”
And then they were beside the woodstove and Mabel kissed him with her mouth open and soft. Jack pulled her closer, pressed their bodies together and kissed the side of her face and down her bare neck and, as she let her head gently lean away, down to her collarbone. Then he scooped an arm beneath her knees and picked her up.”
Excerpt From: Eowyn Ivey. “The Snow Child: A Novel.”

I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this novel and I’ve been struggling to put into words why I’ve fallen completely in love with it– a hesitant and almost uneasy kind of love. I finally understood it when I read the passage above.

Ivey has a way of making you feel things, really feel them. I mentioned before I could feel the winter on the page, but it goes beyond that. I can see things clearly, like the yellow leaf floating beneath the frozen river, the child’s icy blue eyes. I heard them sing this song, even though I didn’t know the melody. It sounds like I’m hallucinating, and I very well might be. Still, the point stands, her writing is strong, evocative, and haunting. Her imagery is simple and beautiful, it stays in your mind’s eye long after you’re done reading.

I’ve been sick, dividing my time between working and studying (hence the lack of a post yesterday, sorry readers!). The bright side –if it can be called that– is that today I was too sick to do anything but read, which means I got quite a bit of it done. I have to say I’m glad that this is the novel I’m reading right now because it’s comforting somehow, even if there are things in it that makes me uneasy. Right now it has the potential to end beautifully or to be completely devastating. Beautifully devastating.

I leave you with a song. Titled “Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May?”, this is the song that Jack and Mabel hum to themselves as they dance. I hope you enjoy it, as I did, and if you’re reading the novel that it serves to give the scene a new dimension. Have a good one, readers, wherever you may be!

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