Fun in the Sun(day)

Hello readers! Welcome to another Fun in the Sun(day)! IMG_2670

Today we were celebrating my grandmother’s 68th birthday, so we spent the day doing stuff she likes. First, we treated her to breakfast at this amazing place in Old San Juan called Caficultura. I’d never been, but everyone gave it rave reviews so we tried it out. Best. Idea. EVER.

This isn’t a food blog, but bear with me.
Since we wanted to try a few things, we decided to share a plate of French toast    which they make with coconut milk and top with home made pineapple compote, shredded coconut, and sugar. It’s what I imagine heaven would taste like. That was followed with a spinach and four cheese casserole with eggs on top for them and eggs benedict for me. Everything was absolutely delicious! I also had a cup of their caramel vanilla coffee. Amazing. Mind you, I don’t drink coffee, but that cup blew me away. IMG_2671

And so, well fed, we had a bit of a wander through the streets of Old San Juan. It always makes me happy to look at the old buildings and feel the blue cobblestones under my feet. It reminds me that, even though it’s all boutiques and new stores, the city is actually quite old and full of history. We walked as the food settled, talked, enjoyed the breeze, and then headed off to the movies.

Strange as it may seem, my grandmother loves Sci-fi and Fantasy. She has a thing for movies like Lord of the Rings, loved the Merlin series. The original Jurassic Park movies are among her favorites, so, obviously, we had to take her to see the new one. She loved it. She loved the dinIMG_2689osaurs. She loved Chris Pratt. A birthday isn’t complete without cake though, so after dinner we brought out cupcakes and candles to sing Happy Birthday with. All in all, a huge success.

Sometimes Sundays can be truly wonderful. It had been a while since I’d spent such a lovely day with my mother and grandmother.At the risk of getting sappy, I’m grateful for days like these because they remind me of how wonderful the women in my life are. End of sappiness. IMG_2665

I’ve had a lovely weekend, full of great people. Unfortunately, this has left precious little time to read, which means I haven’t finished St. Urbain’s Horseman as I’d hoped would happen. However, I finally see the satire in it! I’d read in a few places that it was satirical in nature, but I hadn’t really found the satire until I read a chapter where he’s narrating a baseball game between men in show business – directors, actors, producers, etc. Or rather, for me the satirical aspect of it had seemed like a bit of a stretch, until that scene.

If I didn’t have my final tomorrow, I’d settle in for a night of reading. As it stands, I might be able to finish it tomorrow. Oh woe is me! I’m kidding, I love having stuff to do, even if not having as much time to read saddens me. If only I could have a second life just to read!

Here’s to wishful thinking, readers! Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine.


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