Throw Some Beer At It

Today I finished my bachelors degree. That doesn’t happen every day. It doesn’t feel so much like an achievement, but rather as something that I’d obviously do. You don’t get praise for doing something that was already your job, today feels a bit like that. And yet, deep down, I know it’s pretty monumental. It wasn’t obvious and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. They were years of work and frustration, but also years where I learned, changed, and ultimately became the person I am today. Therefore, like anything worth celebrating, I threw a ton of beer at it!

As soon as my final was over and done with, I headed down to the nearest bar with my classmates. Beer and shots were had in order to celebrate what was the last day of summer school for some and the end of their degree for others, including myself. I talked to old friends, I made new ones, we were loud and probably crazy looking, but I hadn’t felt as relaxed and at home with a random group of people in a really long time. It’s strange when you consider how fleeting moments like those are. You end up thrown together by chance and it’s quite possible you might not see any of them again, but for an evening none of that mattered. It was pretty cool.

Before you ask: that tower was built by the young man staring adoringly at it, with help from all us! I offered up some building blocks, but it was a team effort through and through. I don’t think I’d be able to walk, much less type this, if I’d had that many beers!

In the end I feel proud of what I’ve accomplished, even if it doesn’t feel monumental. Years ago today seemed daunting and now that it’s here I have enough confidence in myself to feel ok leaping into tomorrow and it’s lack of a definite plan. This is not to say that I’m not terrified, only that I feel like I have the strength to walk down this new path and deal with the obstacles it might hold. She said as she stared into the distance while the credits rolled on the screen….

Tomorrow is a brand new day readers, but today is all about feeling satisfied. Congratulations to each and every one of you, for having accomplished things you never thought possible. It feels pretty good, right?

Until next time, stay excellent!

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