That one time Tinder worked

IMG_0059I tend to post late, but today I’m posting a bit later than usual because I was out an all day kind of date thing. I met this guy randomly through Tinder and we just clicked. This is particularly exciting because I’ve been on other Tinder dates that have been complete disasters. You know a guy is a keeper when he has nearly perfect pun timing and delivery, like comedic timing, but specific to pun usage.

I started my day out with a delicious cup of caramel coffee at Caficultura in Old San Juan. I met up with him afterwards and we spent the day drinking (of course) and checking out all the touristy spots in Old San Juan.  I had such a great time hanging out with him. This was partly due to the fact that we had a lot of interesting things to talk and laugh about, but it also had to do with the fact that I hadn’t done the touristy thing since I was a kid. It was nice to have an excuse to revisit these places with someone who had a different perspective on it all.

One of the things we did was take a self-guided tour through the El Morro, one of the forts in Old San Juan. I showed him a image000000 3few places, like Barrachina, the restaurant where Piña Colada is said to have been invented. We had good alcohol and even better food! We also went down into a small cemetery in the city, which sounds really morbid, but it’s actually a nice place to visit because of all the sculptures used on the tombs.

It’s curious to me how technology has made meetings like this possible. We matched, we had chemistry, and we met up, but that wouldn’t have happened without all these different social apps or sites. Had we not both been using the same app, we would’ve never met, like ships passing by in the night or something equally cheesy. We did meet though, if for a very short amount of time. He leaves tomorrow and we might stay in touch, but we might not.

There’s a certain transient quality to it all. You meet with the knowledge that it’s not meant to last, that’s it’s a moment you’re exploiting. I think there’s something pretty powerful there; it’s not the one that got away, but rather the one that was meant to get away. It’s a really curious way to go about it. For my part, I’m happy with moments like these because I’d rather have met the really cool guy for a little bit, than never have met him at all. That might just be me, though, what do you prefer readers?

 *PS: The last two pictures were courtesy of Bob, my date, who took it upon himself to document his experience while I talked his ear off. Fair trade, said no one ever.

image000000 2


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