Let’s Play Catch Up

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I’m back! The mini vacation is officially over and I’m back, fully refreshed and ready to get back to writing for you beautiful people. As promised I come with stories and pictures, of varying quality since I took pictures with a bunch of different cameras and phones. That’s dedication, folks. Or laziness. It’s a very fine line, that isn’t a line at all, more like complete opposites. That’s how I roll. *shrugs*

We woke up fairly early on Monday morning, early bird gets the worm and all that. We didn’t get worms, but we did get 12 inch turnovers, pretty crazy right?! The place is called “La Casa de los Pastelillos”, it’s located in Guayama. If any of you are ever in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit, if only to say you ate a 12 in. turnover! They were actually good though, and the place was really cool, it had hammocks strung up everywhere. Also, we had a surprise visit by a duck, which was unexpected to say the least. We didn’t stay too long, because we still had a bit of a drive left to the rental place. Happily, we managed to get there in time to get some pool time in, so heading out quickly after eating proved worth it!

One of the reasons we wanted to take that mini trip was to go to a small island off the South shore called Gilligan’s Island. So, on Tuesday, we got up packed a cooler and went off to find the ferry that would take us there. What we didn’t know, perhaps a bit naïvely, was that you need to be in line for the ferry before 6am when they open, otherwise it’s pretty hard to get a ticket. We got there at around 10am and by then they didn’t have any more tickets. Because the island is so small, they usually try to control the amount of people they bring over at any one time. It’s a shame because, from what I’ve heard the island is a prime spot for snorkeling. Feeling a bit defeated, we spent the afternoon at the pool and capped the day with some home made Mexican food. Not a bad way to get over a disheartening morning, if you ask me!

Wednesday was our last day down there and it did not disappoint. We rented a small boat for a few hours and took it out to all the cays in La Parguera, which is the area where we were staying at. There was a lot swimming and basking in the Sun, but my favorite part is always being able to go snorkeling and seeing the fishes. There were strong currents in between the cays, so we would walk up the canals, then put on our snorkeling masks and let the current take us back to where we started. It was so much fun, not to mention a pretty incredible sight. Floating down we’d be surrounded by schools of tiny silver fish – close enough to touch, but always out of reach. We saw crabs and pelicans and thousands of tiny silver fish, it was great. Wednesday definitely delivered and, although we didn’t get to Gilligan’s island, we had a great time just driving around the boat and swimming around the cays.

You might be happy to know that I finally finished St. Urbain’s Horseman! My trip provided me with ample time to catch up on my reading. I’m looking forward to sharing my final thoughts on the book with you before closing up shop in Canada and moving down to Utah. I know it’s taken me a while, but I finally made it through. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the many detours along the way!

Keep it classy, readers. Until next time!

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