Destination: Utah


You guys! We made it to Utah! I’m really excited and I hope you are too. Utah is one of those places I know very little about, so I decided to do another list of things to know about Utah.

10 (Possibly Pointless) Things to Know About Utah: 

1. People from Utah are referred to as Utahns or Utahans. It’s relevant to me, I had to look it up.

2. Utah is a great place to look for dinosaur fossils. Apparently, the largest raptor that ever lived was found in the state and is popularly known as the “Utahraptor”.

3. Bars in Utah have a screen separating bartenders preparing drinks from the people consuming them with the intention of reducing alcohol intake. Locals call it a Zion curtain.

4. The biggest manufacturer of rubber chickens is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

5. Utah is home to the largest open pit mine in the world. (I didn’t know these existed!)

6. The name Utah comes from the Ute Native American Tribe and it means “people of the mountains”.

7. Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado meet at four corners; it’s the only place in the country where four states come together.

8. Utah is the only state whose capital is made up of three words. It’s interesting because Fillmore, named after president Millard Fillmore, was actually supposed to be the state’s capital.

9. The Great Salt Lake is three to five times saltier than the ocean, according to some people.

10. Women in Utah got the right to vote before the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920! Four for you, Utah!

There you have it, folks. 10 random and possibly pointless facts to know about Utah, unless you’re really into trivia. I like knowing these little facts though, even if they don’t paint a broad picture of the state. They’re just small pin points of information that kind of trace an outline of the state. Maybe.

Join me tomorrow for my first impressions on the book I chose for Utah. Until next time, readers.


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