Fun in the Sun(day): Dancer’s Market

Happy Sunday! I hope you guys had an excellent weekend.IMG_0093Today my morning started out with a visit to the farmer’s market, which turned out to be full of dancers! That’s not the best picture to showcase what was happening, but it was pretty cool. A dance studio did a short demo of bomba and plena, which are folkloric Puerto Rican dances. It’s really gripping to watch, not only because the drums are like a call to arms, but also because there is a really direct connection between the dancers and the musicians. When dancing Bomba, it’s actually the dancer’s movements that direct what the musicians will be playing. They have to be completely in synch with one another,FullSizeRender otherwise the dance doesn’t work. As a spectator, one can see the connection between dancer and percussionist, it’s really quite lovely.

This rustic and folkloric experience was followed by something completely opposite, the Ant-Man movie. Although, to be fair, it was in a very small, indie theater. The tickets were less than $4, the popcorn less than $2, the whole experience was kinda nice! The movie theater is located in the middle of a neighborhood, right in front of a baseball park and it makes you feel like you’ve just found something no one else knows about. Of course, that’s bullshit because it’s a fully operational business, but still. Moving on from the theater’s charms, Ant-Man was definitely enjoyable. Someone told me it was “Antastic!” and I’m inclined to agree. Then again, I have a severe weakness for Paul Rudd so I might be slightly biased.

On a final note, I started reading my pick for Utah! Drum roll please………..! It’s Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. It’s a non-fiction book about the Lafferty brothers, Dan and Ron, who claim they received an order from God to commit two murders. I haven’t read something non-fiction in ages, so I’m excited to dive into this one. So far I’ve read the prologue (I know, I know, not exactly a prolific amount of reading) and I’m enjoying Krakauer’s writing style. The prologue is actually really helpful because it gives you a basic understanding of the case.

I’d never heard of these murders before and I’m the first to admit I don’t know the first thing about mormonism. I’m hoping this book helps me learn a little bit about the religion, although I’m well aware it’s a highly biased account and not necessarily the most flattering source of information. However, I also know that every religion has fanatics who have taken their beliefs to the extreme and done terrible things in the name of God. I think that when learning about a religion it’s important to acknowledge the good, but also not be afraid to acknowledge the bad. So, this book will certainly be an eye opener  either way!

As always, I’ll let you know how the book and I get along. Stay golden, readers. Until next time!

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