Mea culpa!

Blogger faux pas, I fell asleep yesterday without posting. It’s terrible, I know. “When will you learn to schedule your posts beforehand!”, I hear you cry. You’re right, nameless, disembodied voice. You’re right! Attempts will be made to better organize myself.

On the bright side, yesterday was a pretty productive day. I’ve been working on fixing up an old table for my room, I’m still on the sanding stage because doing it without power tools takes forever and a day. It’s shaping up though, which makes me happy, especially because it means I’m getting closer to spray painting it! In the mean time I’ve been spray painting a few other things in my room partly because they needed it, but mostly because I’m a little bit obsessed. The sound a spray paint can makes when you shake it is oddly satisfying!

I’ve also been learning how to make stencils on Photoshop and Illustrator, to further expand on this whole spray paint thing I’ve got going on. I have a huge space on my wall and I’m thinking of filling it with one or two of my doodles.

Check out my first efforts. I give you Phone Head and Awkbbit (he’s still a work in progress).

Phone Head Testing (dragged)

Which one do you think would look better on my wall? I’m kinda leaning towards Phone Head, but I haven’t decided yet. I’ll show you the finished product when I do!

In the midst of all these random little projects, I’ve been reading Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. I’m a few chapters in and getting a bit antsy to get to the actual story of what happened with the Lafferty brothers. So far he’s talked about Fundamentalist Mormons, their settlement on Colorado City, apostates, charges brought up against Mormon polygamists, and I’m starting to wish he’d get to the story already. On the other hand, I appreciate this slow roundabout because it gives me context that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s insanely helpful because, as I’ve said before, I really don’t know much about the Mormon religion – Fundamentalist or not, so having a bit of background helps when trying to keep things in context.

I’ve gotta say, I like this early morning writing thing. I might use last night’s missed post as an opportunity to switch my posting hours.

Will she change or keep posting at the same hours? What will she end up painting on her wall? Will she ever get over her spray paint obsession? Find out on the next episode of Destination:Reading! By which I mean, as time goes by because none of those questions will be answered by tomorrow.

Stay beautiful, readers. Until next time.


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