Destination: Idaho

Destination graphic copy

Happy Monday everyone! We are officially back to the challenge. Let’s get some woo girls up in here! For those of you who don’t know I started a reading challenge in the summer called Around the World in 250 Books. The idea is to read one book per country, including each state in the US. The books are either written by someone who was born there or have strong ties to that particular place. I designed the book list to work almost as a road trip, starting in Alaska, moving down to Canada, then Utah, and now finally Idaho. As you can see it’s still early days, so I hope you’ll be inspired and join me in the challenge. =)

Last week I posted a reaction to Nicole Arbour’s video “Dear Fat People”. A few days ago I ran into the video below and I couldn’t help but post it! Filmed in Boise, Idaho, the video is about body positivity and the value of every body, regardless of size. What better way to kick off Idaho than watching Idahoans be supporting and loving?! Keep on rocking, Idaho!

Come back this Wednesday to find out which book I chose for Idaho! Stay golden, readers. Until next time!


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