Final Thoughts: Amnesia Moon by Jonathan Lethem

What? Monday, already? Time flies when you’re completely unaware of what’s happening. I don’t know. I reserve the right to not make sense on Mondays. That’s a thing, right?

By the way, did you guys see that eclipse last night? That was some pretty nifty stuff. I watched it from my balcony with the parental units, which turned out to be fairly pleasant. Until someone decided to play Marc Anthony for ambiance. What the actual hell, man? I can’t even.

Last week I shared with you my frustrations about reading Amnesia Moon by Jonathan Lethem. This week, I have to say, I’m still fucking frustrated you guys! When I said I was about halfway through, I didn’t realize I was actually nearly done with the novel. Which meant the end came swiftly and without warning, unlike a capital death sentence which takes its sweet time before killing you. What?

Getting back to the subject at hand. You guys, what the hell. I’m so annoyed with this book! I mean, I really liked it which is what is so annoying! I feel like the book ended just as the story was gaining speed. The obsessive part of me just wants to see what happens with the characters now that they’re ACTUALLY doing something. Except, I don’t think that’s what the book is about at all.

It’s not about the life they lead, but rather about all the things they’ve forgotten. About how reality shifts and rearranges around these dreams and the power it takes to break yourself from that pull, that same as everyone else line of thought. It’s also about the consequences of doing your own thing in worlds where by law, everyone is supposed to follow the will of a few. It really is a cool book, even through the vagueness.

Still, I can’t get past the fact that it ends in the middle of what feels like a beginning. I think it would’ve been better if it had ended in a deeper ambiguity, like pushing you deeper into the sea of uncertainty. Instead, the ending is a jolt of certainty that leaves you jonesing for more. It’s a weird feeling, taking off with such purpose and falling flat on your face because the narrative road ended. What the hell, Lethem? Stop giving me complex emotions, geez. Frankly, it’s unnecessary.

Lies. It’s completely necessary and worth it. In any case, read it. You’ll probably enjoy it. (I sound super reliable right now, don’t I?)

Have you ever read Amnesia Moon or anything else by Jonathan Lethem? Did it leave you a befuddled mess as it (clearly) did me? If you’ve read anything else by him, let me know what I should read next!

Stay golden, readers. And stay tuned for my Banned Books post on Wednesday!

Until next time!


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