Probably not dead

Hello, beautiful (and hopefully forgiving) readers!

I promise I’m not dead. In case I am just remember I’m haunting my computer just to write this post for you. Because I love you. I said the “L word” prematurely. I hope this doesn’t cause awkwardness between us, ultimately ending what was meant to be a beautiful, long lasting, and life affirming relationship….


Did that make it even more awkward?

The last few weeks have been pretty great. I went to London and had a blast watching shows and shopping. Then followed that with a week in Spain, where I learned to make fire, discovered that I’m a talented Boggle player, and tried calamari for the first time. Generally enjoying life, as it were.

However, my beautiful Spain retreat meant I was in a very rustic house with solar powered electricity in a week that was all fog. The flashlights got A LOT of use, is what I’m saying. Also, because it’s a small solar powered battery, the house doesn’t have wifi or a way to plug my computer.


It was an interesting week of being mostly disconnected from the world. A week where I picked up Margaret Atwood’s Bind Assassin from a little shelf in the house, which I consequently stole and am now calling my own. #ThugLife, you guys.

I’m now in Massachusetts visiting family for a few days, then heading off to New York City for a night. And, after that, home, where I promise to get back in the swing of things with books and pictures of my trip.

Oh gods and goddesses of blogging (that’s you, readers), please accept this humble post offering in the mean time. I promise to make it up to you. For realsies.


Until then, know I miss you and think you’re pretty cool for putting up with the craziness. Have a good one!

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