It Lives!

Hello, readers!

It’s Monday and I’m officially back in business! And by that I mean I’m home, with steady wifi, and little to no distractions. I’d planned to be wildly active on the blog during my trip, but I spent most of my stay in places where I had no internet. The places where I had a steady connection I was barely there to appreciate it!

As I write this, the power in my house (and I’m guessing the neighborhood) has gone out. Probably because it heard me being productive and decided I shouldn’t be allowed to post this once it’s done. Fortunately, my laptop is fully charged!


That’s right, Jensen. Suck on that power outage!

Now, back to my original train of thought. To make up for this crass abandonment, I’ve decided to do a post every day this week! That’s right! Black Friday ain’t got nothing on this! Except the people from Cards Against Humanity who were asking for $5 in exchange for nothing. When I checked they had about $40,000, which is impressive. Four for you, Cards Against Humanity, trolling Black Friday AND making money at the same time.

I’ve got the attention span of a goldfish right now. >.<

I’M GOING TO WRITE A POST EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. That’s what I’m saying. Geez. Get it together, self! These posts will include the Alphabet Soups I’ve missed (one of which will be going up later today!) and, for the first time ever (not that you care, or should), photo posts. You know where people just make posts with pictures and captions? That’s happening. I think you’ll enjoy it. I hope so.

I’m thinking of doing a little Christmas challenge, wherein I try to read as many Holiday themed books as possible. So, get ready for a whole lot of Christmas cheer!

Also, here is a list of the books I’ve been reading during my trip. I’m going to be talking about them at some point, so you have that to look forward to as well. I don’t know if it’ll be during December or after I’m done with the whole Christmas thing, but it’s happening! You’re welcome. Not really. More like thank you for putting up with me. You’re the best.

  1. The Complete Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino (which I’ve talked about before in another post)
  2. Where the Stress Falls by Susan Sontag
  3. The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

Getting back to writing for you guys feels really good. Even though I wasn’t as active as I wanted, I promise I thought of you often. I’m looking forward to getting down to business….probably to defeat the Huns.


This is my face after that joke….

Stay tuned today for another post! Have a good one, readers!

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