Destination: Christmas #5

This Christmas series is brought to you thanks to Book Riot’s Literary Advent Calendar. It’s a combination of poetry, short stories, and essays. I’ll be posting every day, some days twice to keep up with my regular posts. Click the story title for the full text. Now, let’s get this Christmas show on the road!

Day 5

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Hello, readers!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a brutal day. The catering company I work for had an all day event today, needless to say my feet are killing me. This whole rest during the weekend thing is proving to be an elusive concept. However, I’m happy because money is coming in and, after my trip, I really need it.

I was honestly feeling hard pressed to read today’s entry in the calendar when I got home, but it turned out to be a Sherlock Holmes story. And, really, who can ever turn down Holmes? All at once you fall into that familiar writing and you forget everything else. For me, reading stories or novels about Sherlock Holmes always carries that familiar feeling. Almost like going back to visit an old friend, for an hour, a few days or weeks depending on the length of the text. It’s always nice, reading something in that very particular style.

I’d never thought to put Christmas and Sherlock Holmes together, but I guess it’s understandable that with such a large number of texts there should be mention of Christmas somewhere. This particular story is about geese and jewels. Also some forgiveness. And a crazy, twisting plot where Holmes solves the puzzle to everyone’s amazement. I kind of wish it’d had more a more Christmasy feel to it, but at the same time I enjoy the fact that it departs from the usual Holiday fare. I appreciate it’s unexpected inclusion into the calendar.

I’m excited to see what else they’ve included in this Literary Advent Calendar! Join me tomorrow to find out what’s next! Stay cool, readers.

Have a good one!

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