Destination: Reading #13

This Christmas series is brought to you thanks to Book Riot’s Literary Advent Calendar. It’s a combination of poetry, short stories, and essays. I’ll be posting every day, some days twice to keep up with my regular posts. Click the story title for the full text. Now, let’s get this Christmas show on the road!

Day 13

A Worn Path by Eudora Welty

Sunday Funday y’all! Once in a blue moon I go to work and leave feeling good about life. Today was one of those days. My boss took us to lunch, we had a laugh, did some bonding. It was nice. It reminds me that there are reasons for working for her that go beyond the fact that she pays me. Like she’s a good person with a big heart who always strives to do her best by others. It’s a nice reminder.

Today’s story is about this little old lady taking the longest walk ever to get some medicine for her grandson. Along the way she runs into people who help her out. At one point the old lady stops a woman walking by and asks her to tie her shoes. I think my boss would be the kind of person to stop and tie the old lady’s shoes. Which is saying a lot in this day an age. We’ve trained ourselves to look past things like that out of a misguided self – preservation. Getting involved in other people’s situations creates a measure of risk for us, stopping would mean inserting ourselves into someone else’s story. Being on record, for good or bad.

I don’t know if my boss has ever stopped to tie an old lady’s shoes, but I know she donates entire meals to the homeless. I know she sacrifices herself for others. I know she helped a lady order food because the lady was having trouble doing it herself. I know she always makes sure to share the food she makes for events with the staff, even if they weren’t a part of it.

Christmas time should be about that selflessness. That willingness to put others before yourself, even when it means writing yourself into their stories, picking up the risks barehanded. Whatever my boss may be, she’s a good lady. She’d stop to tie that old lady’s shoes. Just like she took time out of her day to buy us lunch as a gesture of gratitude.

Let’s be thankful for the nice people life puts in our way and pay it forward. Elphaba said no good deed goes unpunished. And they probably don’t, but at least your conscience will be clear.

Have a good one readers!


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