In the Break Room: Daniel José Older’s Half-Resurrection Blues

Hello, readers! Welcome to another Wednesday in life! You’re living life, I’m living life. It’s all roses and butterflies. Or some other corny shit like that.

My best friend gets back today (finally!) and I couldn’t be happier. I mean, I probably could. Like if she came back with a million dollars that magically replenished themselves. But honestly, it’s enough that she’s coming back. This whole being apart from each other doesn’t work for me. I joke that my strongest relationship is with alcohol, but really it’s the one I have with her. Everything else comes second. Ugh. SO EXCITED.

Moving on.

After I was finished reading The Blind Assassin, I didn’t feel like jumping into anything taxing. I wanted to read, but I almost wanted it to be a non-book. A placeholder while I found something else, something better. So, I picked up Half-Resurrection Blues, which I’d gotten a few month backs on a Book Riot Quarterly box, but had never gotten around to reading. The beginning was exactly what I expected and had been looking for. It felt like a whatever book.

Except as I kept reading, I kept getting more and more into it. It was fast paced and entertaining. Sometimes predictable, but it still sucked you in. And I remembered how good books like that are. They don’t make demands of you, they just want you to have a good time with them. Which is when I realized I was letting my inner book snob be more prevalent than it needed to be. Because I was telling myself it was a non book, a place holder, a whatever book, a guilty pleasure. Except, it’s not any of those things. It’s just a short book that I tremendously enjoyed. A bit like casual sex. Where we tell ourselves the people we’re fucking don’t matter, instead of just enjoying this moment that’s there and gone.


The different between casual sex and this book is that, whereas casual sex is usually a one night affair, this book is the first in a series. The second book, Midnight Taxi Tango, comes out on the 5th of January. ( This is not an advertisement and I’m not being paid, by the way. Although if someone wanted to pay me for it, I wouldn’t complain) And, honestly, I’m pretty damned excited about that too. Because I enjoyed myself. What I’m trying to say is, lets stop being snobs and dig into the paranormal, sci-fi, romance, horror books that we mistakenly call guilty pleasures. Admit it, it’s just regular pleasure.


Have a good one, readers!

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