In the Break Room: J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood

Good morning/evening/night, everyone!

You must be wondering where I’ve been. Where has my Christmas spirit gone? WHY HAVE I FORSAKEN YOU?! Either that, or you haven’t noticed my absence one bit. Both are fully understandable. This weekend was a bit of a black hole in term of familial affairs. Friday was my mother’s last day at her job and, after 24 years of being there, it’s taken a bit of a toll. On her and all of us. Mix into that the wife’s return and I’ve been spoken for all weekend. Comfort. Drink. Recover. Repeat.

I’ve been reading a lot though, which might me my one saving grace as it pertains to this blog! I’m trying to procure a copy for my upcoming destination in the challenge (FYI, we’re on to New Mexico next!), so in the mean time I’ve been reading other things. After last week’s suggestion of reading more of those genres we mistakenly call guilty pleasures, I took it upon myself to follow my own advice. Which is how I ended up back at J. R. Ward’s door.

When I was younger I went through a hardcore Romance phase. It was pretty much all I read for a few years. I was like an addict, craving clichés and euphemisms that kept repeating themselves. And Paranormal Romances were my drug of choice. I read so many of them that I got saturated and, to this day, can’t quite stomach the Romance genre anymore. With one notable exception: The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I’ve reread it so many times in order to be fully prepped for new installments that I’ve lost count. This time around I skipped the rereading and just drove straight into the new books.

Now, when I say new books I don’t mean hot off the presses. I mean, I just realized that new books had come out in the past two years. Since Thursday I’ve managed to read The King, which is the 13th book in the series and started on the 14th, called The Shadows. It’s surprising how easy I fell back into the story and the Universe she’s created. It’s one of those series that I honestly, truly love. It’s got insanely tall, violent men. Who also happen to be very smart and funny. While being tender and caring. Plus, there are homosexual couples in the mix. LOVE IT.

This time around though, has been different. Much as it pains me to admit it, I’m starting to feel over the whole thing. It’s starting to feel like she’s writing just for the sake of continuing the story. A bit like what happened to the Sookie Stackhouse novels (Yes, I read those too up to a point), where the writer found fame and fortune and kept going past the point where the story made sense. The Brotherhood novels haven’t gone quite that haywire, but you see glimpses of it here and there. Attempts to force the cool and keep stretching out the ride.

And, if I’m honest, I can’t blame her. I kind of want it to keep going too, mostly because I really like these characters she’s created. I want to keep seeing them, know how they’re doing. In the end though, things always have an expiration date. Everything ends and that’s ok. I only hope she accepts the end with as much flair as she’s had until now.

Have a good one readers!

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