Alphabet Soup: V is for Vine

Hello, hello readers!

Have I been MIA? Yes! Have I forgotten about you? NEVER!!!

It’s been a weird week. Going back to college, figuring out my schedule. Although, if I’m honest I’ve just been feeling a bit meh. A bit mawp, if you will. However, I now write to you post funk! Back on the horse and all that fun stuff. Yay, metaphors!

V is for Vine

Are Vines still a thing?

The guy who told my best friend and me about Vines showed us a short clip of him rapping in his truck. We were in a train, returning to New York from Pennsylvania. At this point Vines hadn’t become popular in Puerto Rico, so it was strange to say the least. I’d like to add he later went on to refer to himself as a “Hot Burnt Chocolate Bear”. Looking back, the whole experience might be why I never got into the Vine craze….

Having said that, there was a series of Vines that I loved. For no discernible reason whatsoever. During my internship in D.C. my Puerto Rican roommate and I spent unnecessary amounts of time replaying it, to the annoyance of our other roommate. There were four of us, but we don’t talk about the fourth one. She Who Must Never Be Named. Ever. Seriously.

Here’s the Vine (series)….

I still find it funny. Don’t judge me.


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