In the Break Room: Karin Tidbeck’s Jagganath

Hello, readers!

Sorry for the disappearing act. Sometimes you have to take a break and focus on other things. Like how the Statistics course you’re taking might be the only thing standing between you and graduate school. Like how sometimes things just really need to change. Not because they’re bad, but because sometimes things need to change in order to be better. Through it all though, you read because what else are you going to do, right?


I’ve been reading a few things in the last two weeks. One of them was Jagganath by Karin Tidbeck. It’s a short story anthology that came out a few years ago, usually filed under creepy/horror. And let me tell you, it delivers!

It’s completely laced with that ethereal, magical beauty I equate with Scandinavian fairy lore. I would go as far as describing it as eerily seductive. Tidbeck makes you feel at home in the viscous weirdness that make up its sentences. The stories are unexpected, always a welcome departure from predictability. Fantastic creatures casually roam its pages. They share with the reader a feeling of normalcy in the face of the strange, humanity in the oddest of places.

I’m absolutely smitten with this short story collection. It’s the kind of book you want to share with everyone you’ve ever met. It’s strange and fantastic, full of haunting yet tender stories that stay with you. Absolutely beautiful.

If you ever listen to anything I say and I do mean EVER, read these stories. It is very likely you’ll enjoy yourself. Just saying.

Until next time, readers!

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