In the Break Room: The Hollows Series

Happy Monday, readers!

If you’re anything like me you’re sitting somewhere wondering why you willingly wake up before the sun is out. I don’t have a convincing argument for it yet, but I hope you do. For both our sakes!

These past few weeks I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading. Between classes, tests, and my own books it’s felt nice to be kind of in that deep reading groove. Especially since I’d been in a bit of a reading funk, which I almost subconsciously tackled by rereading an old series I love.

I picked up The Hollows series by Kim Harrison years ago, I’d go as far as saying almost a decade ago. (Way to make yourself feel old!) I immediately fell in love with Rachel, a redheaded witch with a penchant for getting herself into real trouble and a sarcastic streak a mile wide. So much paperbackey goodness!

I was browsing stuff on Amazon during my book slump, trying to find something to pull me out of it, and I came across a new addition to the series. Looking through my book logs (Yes, I’m that person who logs every book she reads and owns) I realized that I was actually a few books behind. It’s been so long since I’ve read the series that I decided to reread the whole thing before tackling the new books. It’s inadvertently gotten me excited about reading again. So much so that I’m reading a few books simultaneously, but more on those later!

Anyway, it makes sense. You’re in a reading slump and reach for a book you love, the excitement and happiness that book brings you carries you on to the next. It starts a whole new chain of reading events. Is this a thing and I just didn’t know about it? Better late than never, I suppose!

Have a good one, readers! Until next time.

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