New Things Are New

Hello, hello readers!

I’ve pulled another disappearing act on you guys, proclaim me Houdini and call it a day. I’m sorry though. Life, you know? Anyway, I return to you bearing tidings and good news! Or just news in general. I’m going to share them in a handy little list, because who doesn’t like lists? A lot of people actually.

1. The students at my university have declared a 72 hour strike following a general assembly today. Aside from al the things that might mean politically and how it might affect the semester, right now it means that I have 2 weeks free. We have spring break scheduled for next week. In light of these events, I’ve decided to have myself a little reading marathon this weekend. Maybe another 24 in 48 type of marathon or perhaps just a 24 hour reading binge. Maybe I’ll just pick a set amount of books for the weekend. The possibilities are endless! Still, that’s happening this weekend, so stay tuned!

2. I mentioned Short Story Thursdays in my last post, while sharing a music video. Essentially, SST sends out an email every Thursday with a short story about a forgotten author, accompanied with some colorful commentary by the guy who runs the organization. He’s the drummer in the music video, it all comes around. Circle of life, baby. Anyway…. I’m thinking of writing a a post about each story as it comes out. This means a post will be coming out on Thursdays with my take on that week’s story. If you want to subscribe to the emails (and you really should!), just send a message to It’s that simple.

3. Speaking of new additions, I’m also coming up with something for Fridays. As of two weeks ago we ended the Alphabet Soup series, so I figured something new was in order for Fridays. I’ve been (re)watching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time and remembering how much I’ve always loved the concept of their Friday Night Movies – an indecent amount of snacks, take out, and a bunch of movies. With that in mind, I’ve decided to start a Friday Night Movie series! I’m still working out a few things with it or with how I want to organize it rather. So, the first post might go up this week or at the very latest the next.

4. I’ve FINALLY picked a book for Arkansas! Which means sometime next week I’ll be returning to my running reading challenge – Around the World in 250 Books. #Excitement

5. This isn’t news, but I think you guys are awesome. You’re probably fun and funny and all sorts of other adjectives. I’m happy you come around and read the stuff I write.

Those are all the updates I have for you guys today. I’m excited with all these new things, hope you are too! Or if not excited, at least mildly interested. (Humor me.)

Until next time, readers!

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