Introducing Short Story Thursdays

Hello, readers!

I realized that most of what I talked about on here were novels, with one or two short story collections thrown in. And I wanted to remedy that.

I’ve been subscribed to the Short Story Thursdays emails for about 2 years now. Every week you receive little known stories in PDF format, accompanied by a short intro and commentary by the guy who runs the whole thing. Here’s a video describing the organization a bit more.

My experience with it has been pretty great, because you get access to stories that you otherwise never would’ve read. So, I decided to share those stories with you, or at least my thoughts on them. With that in mind I’m starting a new series called “SST Presents”, so named because that’s the subject title on the weekly dispatches.

The plan was to start in on the stories today, but I decided to give you a little info on the whole thing before hand and give you guys the chance to subscribe. That way you have the story by the time I’ve posted something. You can read both, maybe. If you’re into that. And you should be, because how hot is that? This all took a weird turn.

This is all in the video, but I’m going to go ahead and repeat it. If you’d like to subscribe (and you really should), all you have to do is send an email to It’s simple. It’s painless. You get story deliveries. Really, there’s no reason not to.

Subscribe, be merry, and I’ll see you tomorrow for (another new series!) Friday Night Movies!

One thought on “Introducing Short Story Thursdays

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