Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

It’s Friday night, readers!

I’ve been re-watching the Gilmore Girls series for the past few weeks and thoroughly enjoying myself, to be perfectly honest. It’s funny. It’s witty. It’s sarcastic and fast paced. I definitely recommend you check it out, if you haven’t! Anyway, I’ve always loved their Friday Night Movies. The idea of binging on candy and snacks while watching a few movies feels incredibly satisfying. So, I’ve decided to start my own Friday night movies. At least the movie side of things, if I try to match the Lorelais bite for bite I’ll die and also go broke.

The wife and I kicked off the Friday Night Movie series with a classic! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

“What is this, Wonka? Some kind of fun house?!”

“Why? Having fun?”

I was obsessed with this movie when I was a kid, I used to watch it unnecessarily often. It’s been a few years since I’d re-watched it though and let me tell you there was so much I’d forgotten about it. Like, hey, how ‘bout that chicken decapitation, huh? Wasn’t that something? I’d forgotten how depressing Charlie’s life was and his whole special snowflake attitude towards life. I’d forgotten how creepy this movie was! Wonka’s madness is pretty epic, but the whole movie is riddled with strangeness. In the beginning there’s a guy who comes up to Charlie, toting a cart with knives casually dangling from it. This guy tells Charlie no one goes into the Factory, and no one comes out. Cheerful, right?

There was a sassy computer. Oompa Loompas singing judgmental songs. People panicking in a small room because they didn’t fit, although they would’ve if they’d just chilled out. It was the door from Titanic all over again. An old man dancing with a nightgown that left perilously little to the imagination.


*Sigh* Good times were had by all tonight. Hope your nights were just as good.

Until next time, readers!

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