In the Break Room: The Hollows series Part II

Hello, hello readers!

Wednesday rolls around yet again to grace us with the hope of a new weekend!

I’ve been pretty immersed in The Hollows, the excitement of getting caught up with the books I haven’t read making me binge read. It’s a thing, a delicious thing. Anyway, I’m always focused on reading new books. There are so many good ones – written in the past, coming out today, being written to be published in the future. Re-reading books tends to make me feel a bit like I’m procrastinating.

The thing is, it’s not procrastination at all. Reconnecting with characters you’ve loved is much like embracing an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. And after enough time has passed the story feels new, sparking recognition here and there, but mostly surprising you with what you’d forgotten. It’s a great feeling to be able to go back to something you loved and be able to enjoy it differently with the glare of new experiences twining with the cool shadow of this story you thought you already knew.

Re-reading books, especially ones you loved upon first reading them, feels like coming home. The pages have yellowed and the spine is deeply creased, but nothing has changed really. Everything is right where you left it. And while I’m the first to advocate for change, searching out stories and characters that challenge you and push you out of your usual genres, having that comforting place to come back to can be really nice.

The book I’m currently on is the last of the books I’ve read before. The ones that come now will be brand new, taking the story from the steady assurance of knowing what’s going to happen and heading into the tension fueled excitement of the unknown. I feel like I’ve relaxed in the comfort of an old friend’s company and now I’m ready to run in the hopes of making a new one.

Stay gold, readers. Until next time!

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