Rangent: The Swedish Number

Hello, readers!

I just found out about this and pretty much had to share it. Sweden now has its own phone number, which you can call to talk to random Swedes about whatever. The whole thing is being done to celebrate Sweden’s abolishment of censorship over 200 years ago. They’ve received thousands of calls from all over the world since the number went up, which is pretty cool! Here’s a little video about it.

Just think about it though. You pick up the phone and call someone on the other side of the world only to find you have a whole bunch of things in common. Ideally, sure, but it can happen. Maybe you don’t have anything in common, but you’ve learned about someone else’s life in a country that’s different to your own. Maybe it’ll inspire you to visit  or try something new. I don’t know. The possibilities are endless. Which is the most idealistic, rose colored glasses thing I can say, but there you have it.

I’m kind of excited about the whole thing, to be honest. Check out the website to see if your country has a local number, if it does the call gets charged as a local one and not an international one.

Happy calling, readers! Until next time.


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