SST Presents Saki

Hello, readers.

The day is looking remarkably drab, almost fashionably so. It’s making a statement by wearing understated gray clouds. It’s trendy as fuck.


by Saki

This is how today’s story begins:

“You are not really dying, are you?” asked Amanda.

“I have the doctor’s permission to live till Tuesday,” said Laura.

“But to-day is Saturday; this is serious!” gasped Amanda.

“I don’t know about it being serious; it is certainly Saturday,” said Laura.

This Laura character is amusing as hell. Faced with her imminent she’s contemplating her reincarnation as an otter with “an elegant svelte figure”. Apparently she hasn’t always been a good or even decent human being so, of course, she’s getting demoted to an animal. This chick is over life, the universe, and everything. Especially Amanda’s husband Egbert, who just sounds annoying as hell. Anyway, Laura dies, but she comes back to get her revenge on fussy, whiny Egbert. It’s great. One of those things where you’re reading and chuckling quietly to yourself.

Now, Laura’s a bit of a dick. I know that. You’ll know it if you read the story. But, when life gives you shitty people sometimes all you can do is destroy their flowerbeds and kill their prized hens. We get so caught up in playing nice with people and end up surrounded by assholes. One day you wake up and your friends are people you kinda hate.  Maybe all that being nice is getting us nowhere. Maybe we need to start removing toxic, unnecessary people from our lives and exacting a little payment along the way. Maybe it’s time to murder these people’s chickens, so to speak. #DIYKarma

All I’m saying is sometimes we should delete people from our lives the way we delete them from Facebook. And with just as much relish. 

Have a good one, readers. Until next time!


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