Destination: Tennessee

Hello, hello readers!

I know better than anyone that getting up on Mondays is a herculean task. It’s like climbing Mount Olympus, only to find you still have to get dressed and go to work or college. I hear you, sweet reader. So, to make your day and mine just a little better here are some marching ducks.


We’ve made it to Tennessee, home of Elvis Presley and, apparently, the Peabody Hotel Ducks. In 1933, the manager of the Peabody Hotel, decided it would be a great idea to have ducks in the hotel’s fountain. Shuttling the ducks was apparently an issue until a former circus trainer turned bellman offered to train the ducks to walk to and from the fountain. He became the first Peabody Duckmaster. Nowadays, the ducks still march back and forth in the morning and again in the afternoon. A little duck parade if you will.

Here are some interesting facts because we’re all suckers for lists:

1. Duck hasn’t been served on the hotel premises since it’s 1981 reopening.

2. The ducks are North American Mallards, one male and four hens.

3. They live in a $200,000 Duck Palace on the hotel’s roof. It’s got its own fountain and a house which is a replica of the hotel. (Never thought you’d be jealous of a duck, did you?)

4. The Peabody Ducks have appeared on different tv shows, among them The Oprah Winfrey Show and Sesame Street.

5. Perhaps the coolest bit of all is that each team of ducks only lives at the hotel for 3 months before returning to a farm where they’re free to live as wild ducks.

There you have it, folks. Tennessee has glamorous marching ducks and you have 4 hours to go before you can leave work. Thrilling, isn’t it?

You can do it, readers. I believe in you!

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