Frank Peretti & Ted Dekker’s House

Hello, readers.

In an attempt to streamline my process I’ve decided to focus on the book for each destination rather than make two posts for each. If I don’t like it or if I start feeling like I miss the Destination posts I’ll take them back up. We’ll see. The world is our oyster. Maybe we can have our cake and eat it too. The early bird gets the worm. What?


We’ve made it to Alabama! Resting place of Miss Baker, monkey astronaut. Apparently she was the first US animal to make it to space and return alive. She died in 1984 after having been married twice, well on her way to challenging Ross’ number of marriages. Her grave is located in Huntsville, Alabama, outside of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

My pick for Alabama ended up being House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, which I’d actually read before. However, since I barely remembered what happened in the book, I figured why not revisit it? And, while it didn’t disappoint, it also wasn’t as exciting as I remembered it to be. I think the religious overtones rubbed me the wrong way this time around.

The novel follows two couples as they get stranded in the middle of nowhere Alabama, next to a conveniently placed inn. Just as they’re realizing their hosts aren’t all there, the lights go out and they’re locked in by a man who demands one dead body before dawn or he’ll kill everybody. It quickly becomes apparent that they’re dealing with supernatural forces and a house that is very much alive and working against them. In the end, the whole thing devolves into a fight between good and evil within each character which will determine whether or not they get out of the house alive.

I’d forgotten how in the end it all came down to the good and bad that resided in each of them. They realized the house drew power from the evil inside them and that the people they kept fighting were actually themselves. It was pretty disappointing that the whole novel ended in this sort of find god and be saved sort of deal. I would’ve liked to see them work through their issues or find that actually there was good enmeshed with the bad. Or maybe they could’ve realized how insane it is to spend your life constantly fighting and sabotaging yourself. Because that’s kind of what we go through day to day, no?

We get caught up in our mistakes, the things we didn’t do or say and the ones we did when we shouldn’t have, when we should be working to make ourselves better. And I know how cheesy that sounds, but it’s true. We fight ourselves and each other every step of the way, instead of sifting through the rubble in our minds to help us improve and accepting help from the people around us.

Fighting ourselves – our desires, our past, our instincts – ultimately leads to a sort of painful death where we lose sight of who we really are and what we could be. Maybe the key is to see and accept ourselves, changing the bad and improving the good, so that we can put our demons to rest. And maybe get out of the House alive.

Until next time, readers.


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