The Hollows series Part III

Hello, readers!

I’m excited to be back so I’ve decided to post every day this week. Why not? Let’s get crazy up in here! And crazy is an apt word because I’ll be starting grad school in a little over two weeks. Let me tell you, crazy. CRAZY.

Over the past two months I’ve been rereading and posting about Kim Harrison’s the Hollows series, you can read parts one and two of that. I’m pleased to tell you guys I’ve finally finished the series! I’m actually really excited about it, in the last four books a whole bunch of unexpected stuff happened. Seriously, a whole bunch of what the hell is happening stuff went down. It was cool though, weird, but cool.

When I finally got to the end it felt infinitely satisfying. Sometimes you reach the end of something you’ve been keeping up with for a while, whether it’s a book series, tv show, graphic novel series, and you feel empty. Like there were things missing and more could’ve done and this can’t possibly be the end, can it?  And then, the worst bit off all is the fact that you have to leave with that longing for things to be fixed or added or sometimes simply explained.

This experience wasn’t like that, I can honestly say I’m fully satisfied with how things went down. There’s nothing I’d change or add to it. And that’s all you want from a series, really. I feel like it ended when it needed to and it took care of everything. For me this end has been so long in the making, just because it’s taken me an insanely to read them. So, it’s gratifying to reach the end with no regrets, no laments, just pure satisfaction.

Rachel was such a cool character to get to know, mostly because I understood her mess and her general fuck it attitude. It was never a burden to stay with her, to read about all the shit that went down in her life. I cried for her losses and felt happy when things worked out for her. I worried about her partners and felt angry when people were shitty. And let me tell you, people were super shitty. So, I’m ecstatic to find that in the end things worked out for her.

I closed the book. The thirteenth book in what had been a long, but exciting journey. I closed it, took a breath, and was happy that somewhere in a fictional world, Rachel was happy too.

Until next time, readers!

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